Frequently Asked Question

Applying a car ceramic coat yields a spectrum of benefits.
How long does the ceramic coating process take?

The task time depends on the size and condition of your car. Usually, it takes among four to eight hours. Our crew will offer you with an estimated timeframe in the course of your session.

Is ceramic coating suitable for your car?

Ceramic coating offers advantages for both new and older vehicles, providing an exceptional way to protect your car's finish, regardless of its age. In fact, making use of ceramic coating to older cars can rejuvenate and beautify their look.

How long does ceramic coating last?

Our ceramic coating can last for two years or more. Maintaining Regular cleaning and touch-ups can help extend its effectiveness.

Does ceramic coating prevent scratches?

Although ceramic coating can provide additional protection against daily wear and tear, it does not guarantee scratch-proof protection and may reduce the likelihood of scratches and swirl marks.

Am I able to wax my car after applying ceramic coating ?

No extra waxing is essential. The ceramic coating gives a long-lasting shine and safety. Waxing may be finished, however it's no longer required for preserving the coating's effectiveness.

Is ceramic coating environmentally pleasant?

Sure, our ceramic coating is formulated to be green. It is loose from dangerous chemical substances and unstable organic compounds (vocs), ensuring a secure application on your vehicle and the surroundings.

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